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Governors are asked to declare any business interests or relationships with school staff. For details, please view the document below

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Governors work with the Headteacher, making decisions about how the school is managed.  They meet at least once a term in school and have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. Each governor is linked with a specific year group, class or subject area who invite them to take part in specific events in school.

School Governors are either parents with a child in school, teachers, support staff, local council representatives, community or business people.

The Governing Body is divided into two main committees which meet regularly throughout the year:

Resources Committee

This deals with financial matters, including producing an annual budget, overseeing fundraising, implementing pay policies, dealing with matters of school security and Health and Safety.

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

The work of this committee covers curriculum issues, academic standards and behaviour in school.

A number of smaller committees meet as required for specific purposes. These include: Pupil Discipline, Headteacher Appraisal, Complaints, Staffing Dismissals and Dismissal Appeals.

For further information on becoming a governor and a list of vacancies for School Governors across Kirklees, go to 


Meet our Governors

  • Mr Paul Massey - Chair of Governors

    Paul Massey was appointed as Chair of our Governing body in April. Paul is an experienced Chair at another local school.  

  • Mr Karamat Hussain - Community Governor

    My name is Karamat Hussain. I joined the Governing body as a parent Governor around 2004.
    I am now a Community Governor and part of the Standards & Effectiveness committee.
    I studied Applied Chemistry at Huddersfield University (when it was Polytechnic) and graduated in 1987.
    I work at a chemical company in Bradford known as BASF. I work in the Laboratory and test the products we make so that they are right for our customers. Quality control.
    When I am not at work I enjoy reading. I like spending time at the mosque and helping children with their learning and understanding of Arabic scripture of the Quran. Over the years I have gained a good understanding of the Arabic language and like to share the learning with old and particularly the young. I like it when I can decode a bit of scripture so it makes sense to the children who attend mosque classes. Those light bulb moments!
    I became a Governor to get a better understanding of the education system at our school and to contribute towards changes for the better. It has been great to see the school grow from strength to strength over the years with the all the staff working so enthusiastically to overcome the challenges that arise from time to time.

  • Waseem Ilyas - Trust Governor/ Safeguarding Governor

    I joined the Governing Body in 2015, and a member of the Resource committee.
    I enjoy serving on the Governing Body as a counter-balance to my role working in the Finance department for an engineering company. I studied Business & Finance in London and upon completion moved back to my home town. I enjoy restoring classic cars and doing DIY projects around the house. I am volunteer at the local mosque, teaching the basics of Islam and general discussions on school life, home life & media.
    I believe that our children have the right to the best education and that they should enjoy learning and grow up to live and work in the community and inspire others.

  • Mohammed Hussain - Parent Governor

    Mohammed was elected as Parent Governor in January. He lives in Paddock, owns a local shop and has two children at our school. 

  • Yasmeen Farooq-Shafique - Co-opted Governor

    Yasmeen has recently been appointed as a member of our Governing body. She is a teacher at a school in Bradford.

  • Alison Cargill - Staff Governor/ School Business Manager

    Alison has recently joined our Governing body as Staff Governor. She reports the budget to Resources Comittee and to full Governing body meetings. 

  • Judith Martin - Staff Governor

    Judith has worked as an ETA in school for 8 years and has been part of the Governing body since 2012. Judith currently supports in Year 2 and has recently taken on the role of EYU Governor link. 

  • Zara Rabbani - Parent Governor

    I joined the Governing Body and the Standards and Effectiveness Committee in October 2o19 as a Parent Governor. 
    I am very family focussed and have a family-run business, in the security industry, as a security wholesaler with a trade counter based at Crosland Moor. 
    My son started at Paddock in 2017 in year 4 and I have two younger children who start in Nursery during 2019.
    When first looking around Paddock, I was expecially impressed with the Thrive Approach. I am a great believer that all children are individuals and learn accordingly. 
    As a new Governor, I hope to learn how to better support school and effectively help to lead and improve it. 
    If anyone wants to chat, I'm always about, feel free to grab me!

  • Murray Forrest - Co-opted Governor

    I currently work as a Joint Transformation Project Manager across both health and social care in Kirklees. I am also a children's nurse, working in Neurosurgery at Manchester Children's Hospital since 2008.  In my own time, I enjoy voluntary work, beginning when I was still at school. My longest voluntary role has been as Exhibition's Co-ordinator at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield (which I have done for more than 20 years).  Diversity, creativity and making a difference is what motivates me; recognising the detail, hunting the opportunity and collaborating to get things done.


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