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Captain's Table at Paddock

Humanities Day at Paddock

The children enjoyed a variety of activities across all key stages, including; boating making for a world trip, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, conquering Mount Everest, exploring explorers, first flight, first man on the moon, famous inventions, an expedition to the North Pole, the history of the Olympics, the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the World Cup 1966 concluding with a Paddock Museum to celebrate our successes from the day with our parents.

U Can Shine - Motivation Workshop

Our KS2 children, were very excited to meet 'U Man' when he came in to motivate the children to be the best that they can be! With his helpers, he taught them some boxing and helped to continue to develop some skills such as resilience, team work and positive attitudes. The children will remember the message 'seven, eight, nine, U can Shine' for a long time yet!

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