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School Council

The  Council members for 2018-19 are:

Class 1 Laylah and Kashif
Class 2 Samar and Zara
Class 3 Joel and Arwaa
Class 4 Farhaan and Mudasara
Class 5 Mohammed K and Millicent
Class 6 Layla and Aymen
Class 7 Alana and Khali
Class 8 Zain and Yara
Class 9 Lewis and Angie
Class 10 Adballah and Umme
Class 11 Asjid and Atiza
Class 12 Jahrod and Imaan

Visit to Huddersfield Town Hall- January 2018

School Council visit Huddersfield Town Hall each year, together with the School Council from St John's School. This twinning event is one of the ways in which they can experience democracy in action

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