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At Paddock Junior, Infant and Nursery School, our vision for the curriculum permeates all aspects of our work, from our teaching and our extra-curricular offer to ongoing projects and our day-to-day activities, such as assemblies, rewards and lunchtimes!

Knowledge Organisers

Our Knowledge Organisers capture the key information, terminology, and dates or quotes for a topic. The information on a Knowledge Organiser is the minimum that needs to be known, rehearsed and stored over time in the long-term memory in order for our pupils to become fluent in the material. It is a given that plenty of other technical vocabulary and facts will be encountered and learnt through the topic. 

4fromb4 are key knowledge, skills or understanding that the children will have learned before. We are encouraging our children to store all this information in their long-term memory so that they can build on this prior learning. 

Extra-Curricular Offer

Extra-curricular clubs are on offer over lunchtime as well as after school. They ensure enriching and varied opportunities for all pupils and activities are usually led by specialist teachers and coaches. 

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