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As you know, we try our hardest to keep you informed about what is going on in school. However, sending out paper letters is not always reliable due to them being mislaid, crumpled or lost to the depths of your child’s bag!

We are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact associated with printing and photocopying hundreds of letters every week. It is also costly and rather than the money being spent on paper and ink, we know that the money would be better spent on your child’s learning.

To help improve communication we use Class Dojo to share key information with parents/carers. 

Yoy can asily stay connected with your child’s classrooms on ClassDojo. You can see all of your child’s feedback from teachers, hear important announcements and updates, and see photos and videos from class! You’ll also be able to see your child’s uploaded work on their own Student Story.

Parents/carers can use any iOS device, Android device, Kindle Fire, or computer to connect! You can also read all Class Story posts in your preferred language instantly.

All of your child’s information is kept safe on ClassDojo. Only the children, teachers, and you as their parents/carers can see their information.


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